Personal injury and wrongful death cases are complex. It is critical to have good legal representation to preserve your rights. The experienced lawyers at Jaffe & Berlin will guide you through this complicated process. Our firm handles personal injury and wrongful death matters on a contingency fee basis, which means we only receive a fee if we recover money for the client. All first consultations are free.

We aggressively represent individuals who have been harmed due to the negligence or misconduct of others resulting in physical injury, emotional distress, property damage, or loss of reputation. We have successfully handled cases involving automobile and motorcycle accidents and other motor vehicle accidents, dangerous premises, defective products, workers’ compensation, wrongful death and intentional torts, such as fraud, assault and battery, and defamation.

In many cases, injury claims are settled prior to the filing of a lawsuit. We are skilled negotiators who will work hard to obtain the best settlement possible. Moreover, when it is not in our client’s best interest to settle, our trial attorneys have experience litigating personal injury cases in state and federal courts, and have the knowledge and ability to obtain a favorable verdict.

The lawyers at Jaffe & Berlin have experience representing clients in the following areas of Personal Injury law:

Workers Compensation

Generally, any bodily injuries that occur to an individual while one is fulfilling his or her job obligations is covered by the Illinois Worker’s Compensation Act. Under this law, employees are entitled to reimbursement of medical expenses, payment of wages while temporarily off from work, and a lump sum permanency settlement reflecting the permanent nature of the injuries or disability sustained. In addition to vigorously representing clients under the Illinois Worker’s Compensation Act, the lawyers at Jaffe & Berlin will investigate to determine if there are other available claims against third parties for the same work-related injuries. We have helped countless injured workers in Illinois obtain the maximum benefits they have been entitled to under the law.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

In addition to the pain and disability of physical injuries, people injured in motor vehicle and motorcycle accidents face the financial pressure of hospital bills, medical expenses, and lost income. If you have been injured as the result of the negligence of another driver in a motor vehicle accident, we can help you recover. Jaffe & Berlin has successfully prosecuted claims for injured persons as a result of negligent and careless drivers in Illinois. We can help you if you are injured by an uninsured motorist or a motorist with minimal insurance protection. The lawyers at Jaffe & Berlin have successfully handled numerous claims against trucking companies and the Chicago Transit Authority, due to the negligent operation of their drivers.

Premises Liability

Owners who negligently maintain their property in an unsafe condition are legally responsible for accidents occurring on their premises. The lawyers at Jaffe & Berlin have represented clients with claims that include:

  • Slip and falls on unnatural accumulations of snow or ice or on overly waxed or wet floor surfaces inside stores or buildings.
  • Trip and falls over irregular surfaces in the interior buildings or on outer sidewalks and walkways of buildings.
  • Injuries that may occur from falling merchandise or other unsafe conditions in large warehouse stores.
  • Injuries that occur to workers or bystanders at a construction site or due to the negligent operation or storage of construction equipment.

Jaffe & Berlin recently secured a substantial monetary settlement for a client against a national retailer when our client sustained injuries when he was struck in the head by falling inventory. Our personal injury lawyers will aggressively investigate and pursue claims for injuries arising from unsafe premises, including slip and fall accidents, negligent security, construction site accidents and animal attacks.

Medical Negligence

Jaffe & Berlin has successfully handled cases against doctors, nurses and hospitals for failing to diagnose and misdiagnosing medical conditions which lead to significant injuries and impairments. The lawyers at Jaffe & Berlin know that it is critical in medical negligence cases that the relevant medical records are obtained quickly, and investigation with our own medical experts begins promptly. If you, a family member or friend has been injured due to questionable medical practice, contact us immediately so that the allegations can be promptly investigated.

Product Liability

Product liability claims involve manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and others who participate in the manufacturing and distribution of defective products that are unsafe in either their design or intended usage. This includes injuries that occur as the result of a dangerous and defective product, whether it be machinery at work or at a business location, or injury by a product used at home or in someone else’s home. The manufacturer and/or sellers of these dangerous products can and should be held responsible for these injuries. The lawyers at Jaffe & Berlin represent consumers injured by a products and are experienced in investigating and litigating complex cases.

Wrongful Death

When injuries caused by negligence or intentional misconduct result in death, the surviving dependents and heirs have the right to recover damages for both the pain suffered by the victim prior to death, as well as the resulting loss of income to the family. In wrongful death matters, the attorneys at Jaffe & Berlin take prompt action to obtain a favorable recovery to help minimize the financial struggle that often accompanies the death of a family wage earner.

For more information about the general nature of personal injury claims, or if you have been injured and want to understand your rights and the options available to you, please contact Jay Berlin at 312-372-1550 or by email at jberlin@jaffeberlin.comcreate new email.